The Adult Shell Game

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How many times have you uttered these words in reply to someone?

– "I have to do this because …"

– "No, I can not do that because …"

– "I can not. That's all there is to it."

Sure. We all have, at one point or another.

You're asked to take time off from work to attend a social gathering. You would like to, but your response was "No, I can not take off work just now. To many things happening there at the time."

You arrive home and spend the next 45 minutes ranting about your job, when your spouse gives you the ultimate answer: "If you're so unhappy, just quit." You know the response you gave was very close to "I can not just quit!"

Examples are abounding: it could be work, home, your personal life or even something to do with the membership at the local gym. They actually all boil down to the same thing, the feeling of not being able to do something, or helplessness because of it.

This is the Adult Shell Game in action.

Some people become so entrenched in playing the game that they often forget the one single rule that governs it. Everything in life is a choice.

"I can not quit my job!" This is qualified by the lack of possible pay or health benefits, time already put in, or a conglomeration of other supporting thoughts. Any or all of them scare people. Seldom is it listed in an order something like this:

– it was a choice to purchase the more expensive house, which raised the mortgage payments

– it was a choice to accrue the higher debts (car, bills etc)

– it was a choice to enslave the current workings of home and bills to the current pay-scale and job

I know that looks harsh, but it remains the truth. We ourselves made previous choices to make higher payments in one form or another. We had made a choice to do many things which were directly tied to our career or position. Just because leaving the job would invalidate some of the earlier choices is no reason we should say we have no choice in the matter now. We do, but we are choosing to reinforce the earlier choices. A choice non-the-less.

So why do we all play the Adult Shell Game? It is always easier in life to say it is not our fault for something, rather than step up and maintain ownership of it.

Why should we stop playing the game? Simple answer: it is freedom not to play the game.

When we face life in an honest fashion, and realize that we all have choices in everything we do, we suddenly come face to face with something.

A new understanding of empowerment.

Stop saying "I Can not", and realizing we stare a choice in the face which is our to make, free and clear.

Taking time to understand all the choices we have in our lives, we can see we empower (or enslave ourselves) by them. Simple choices, complex choices, life altering choices. They are all present in life, yet seldom given due time in thought.

Instead of saying "No, I can not" or "I have to do this. I do not have a choice.", Realize that you do have a choice. Is it a great one? No, sometimes they are not wonderful choices. But, you still have one.

Knowing it is your choice, your decision, allows you to exercise the freedom you have in life. It allows you to be in control of your life, all the time. No one else in the drivers seat, just you.

Am I telling you to quite your job or call off work or any other item? No, I am not.

All I am asking you to do is realize you have ample choices in life, and you control everything about it through them.

Michael Peterson

Source by Micheal E. Peterson

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