Zoos – Good Or Bad?

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When you go to the zoo during your vacation this year, how do you feel about it? Do you view a zoo as a good thing or bad? Do you hate seeing animals in cages? Don’t care about animals at all? Think all animals should be in cages? Are you one of those parents who take their kids to the zoo just to get them to shut up? Maybe you should think about it a bit different and see what we are really about to lose in this world of ours.

You see them, turned away from the view of visitors. They know you are looking but they want to ignore you. Pacing back and forth they seem bored, lonely, missing the free life which stirs within them. Animals in the zoo do suffer. They suffer at the hand of humans, cages too small, nothing to do, out of the normal environment which they are born with the instincts to live. People walk by daily laughing, staring, saying things and few understand the true nature of the creature and being they are seeing.

I have always been against zoos. I do not think zoos should keep animals housed in small cages, out of their natural environment, and be selectively bred. Zoos do not educate people because people walk too fast through them anyway. Walk, point, make fun of the animal, ignore the sign and move on, rush, rush, rush… Get the herd of kids through the zoo so we can eat and get back to our pointless lives. No one takes the time to even read the signs talking about the animal or them being endangered in the wild. Animals should be free as nature intended. We do not deserve to keep them in cages.

As I walk through the Saint Louis Zoo, reading each sign talking about the animal on display in its cage one word is present most of the time “Endangered”. For the sake of the animal I have always been against zoos, but for the sake of the animal species I will forever remain in favor of zoos. Each one of those “Endangered” listing put on those signs at the zoo was put there by humans and caused by humans. We are the current major cause of animals around the world being endangered.

This planet is one giant zoo, we are the zoo keepers and we are doing a very bad job. We should be fired. Japanese are illegally killing whales, tuna is being overfished, animals by the millions are dying in the name of farm land, housing, and human safety; where does it end? Right now zoos are one of the few organizations trying to keep animal species from going extinct. Selective breeding programs with zoos around the world are the only hope some animal species have left now. At the rate we are going all the signs at your zoo will say “Endangered”, if we even have a zoo to visit.

Where does all this lead? We are the zoo keepers of this planet. We need to either get our act together or get off the planet so the animals can recover. So the next time you visit the zoo with your little kids, take a moment from the screaming and rush to read that sign that tells you how bad a zoo keeper you really are with our animals. Take a good look at the animal too, because by the time your kids have kids, there probably won’t be any of those animals left alive.

Source by Sara Ferguson

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